Updated terrierman ‘spotter-card’

An updated version of our “spottercard” of Ledbury terriermen and supporters. Please note that following a conversation with one of the men in the picture, we no longer need information about him as he is no longer doing terrierwork for the hunt, only following by vehicle, and he has not been involved in any incidents of aggression or digging-out / blocking setts, etc. this last season.

Any information regarding the other people, some of whom are known to us by name / nickname already, would be greatly appreciated – please message us privately, email us or call, anonymously if you prefer. Information will not be passed on to others (except for the police) and will not be used to harass the people concerned. We are merely looking to build up a picture of who we are dealing with out in the field, to pass on information to the police in the cases where we need to I.D. a person involved in illegal activity or to use in any civil court case against them.

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