Ross Harriers: 12th March 2016

We delayed putting up a report from Saturday due to sharing the news from South Coast Hunt Sabs and the League Against Cruel Sports. We hope all sabs and monitors concerned in all of those incidents are recovering now and know we’re here for support if needed.

As for us, we split once more to cover different hunts and some of our sabs headed to the Ross Harriers along with North Shropshire sabs, being joined by Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and South Wales Hunt Saboteurs. We managed to physically stop the pack on a couple of occasions with sabs jumping into fields and rating them and a North Shrops sab did some excellent sabbing despite being our driver.

Unfortunately at one point during the afternoon, hounds picked up and went into full cry after a hare in a field. She was spotted only a couple of metres in front of the lead hound and the huntsman arrived quickly, hunting them on. It lasted only a few seconds before hounds stopped speaking, so we believe that she was killed by the hounds. Very little is usually left of hares when killed by a pack of hounds, unlike with fox kills when you can normally find some evidence.

We certainly made their day more difficult though and did stop the pack or hold them up on various occasions. The Harriers are finishing the season early this year, so that’ll be more lives left in peace for a short time.

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