12th November: CVFH

North Shrops Hunt Sabs’ report

Cotswold Vile farmers hunt.

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Yesterday we teamed up with Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs along with Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and South Wales Hunt Saboteurs and attended a meet of the CVFH.
On arrival, we were met by two police cars, one of which sped past with lights blazing. What could of happened we wondered? Turned out it was just the hunt wasting police time by calling in reinforcements because of a few sabs turning up.

After this time wasting tactic, the hunt made a run for the hills and were met by a pincer movement of Bristol and South Wales sabs on one side, and Three Counties and North Shrops on the other. After mooching about for quite some time, they managed to flush a deer before the hounds went into cry, moving through the wood with “Scatterpack” hunting them on close behind. Clearly, he doesn’t quite understand the principle of “lawful hunting” so just to make sure there were no unfortunate accidents, we were more than happy to help him out by splitting the pack and taking them to safety.

He then spent some time gathering his hounds back up and whilst we did offer to help him out with a few horn blowing lessons, free of charge obviously, he didn’t seem to keen on the idea.

Moving off, the hounds immediately picked up and chased a hare whilst a rather red faced “Scatterpack” desperately tried to get them back. Luckily for the hare, another red coat came to his rescue and the hare ran free.

Then it was a mad dash for the river hoping to loose sabs but to no avail. Bristol and South wales soon turned up and sent him scurrying back in the direction of the meet.

After moving off along the road, the hunt then tried a new technique of “tarmac hunting” chasing a fox down the road in front of a disgusted member of the public. Subtlety clearly not one of their strong point :)

They weren’t too keen on making a comment when asked about this and tried to escape from our questions by popping into a field on a public footpath ( naughty naughty). We were more than happy to point out the error of their ways and eventually they admitted defeat and skulked off. With the light fast fading and with most of the field giving up and going home, they had one last ditch attempt to satisfy their bloodlust behind the meet before also sloping off back to the meet and home.

A good day for us (not so much for poor old “Scatterpack”). Never mind, ey!

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