18th November: Ledbury Hunt

Busy day today Friday 18th November 2016 in what was a whistlestop tour of the Gloucs cull zone. Badger setts were checked early on as well as throughout the day.

First of all we came across a line of beaters and some guns blasting at the helpless birds at Hartpury. A fox ran away from the beaters and to safety. A gun was approached and all of them, to their credit, broke their guns and left the scene very quickly.

Then on to the Ledbury who had just moved off from Corse End Farm and were on top of Limbury Hill. They did find something but scent appeared to be poor. They then headed west and on to Collin Park Wood where the pack split. Then through Sladbrook and across the road to Downview Coppice where a sab slowed them down on one fox. They went around Gadfield and finished up in Gadbury Bank. This wood is on top of an ancient monument of national import and is owned by the Ledbury hunt, badger setts in the past have been destroyed by having staves rammed down them. The Ledbury were keen to be in the badger cull.

Mark was observed trying to put up a fox but to no avail. He and his 3 charming terrierman chums (all of whom had their faces covered) then got all defensive about a lone female being present whilst they “exercised” the hounds and were a bit rude and pushy. We think that they might, just might, have been up to no good up there, as it grew dark they left and packed up at Pigeon House Farm.

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