8th December: Cotswold Hunt

One of us teamed up with our good friends Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch today to keep an eye on the Cotswold hunt near Gretton in the North Cotswolds badger cull zone. The hunt ran from the Cirencester group at Stanley wood and hid whilst the 3C sab took the opportunity to check as many setts as possible with this being an area where badgers are persecuted by cull and hunt sett blocking. Happy to report that some setts had historic spade marks but were very active. One sett that had been filled in was found by CIHW so they are still sett blocking sad to say.

Facebook Video from Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch

They were found again just south of Manor Farm near Prescott where we were slowly ridden at and attempts were made to intimidate. Which failed.

With the weather playing havoc these last couple of weeks with certain hunt meets we’ve had a bit more of an opportunity to get into known areas where setts are often blocked by hunts and to get a bit more sett-surveying done. Let us know if you’d like to join us!

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