20th January – Ledbury Hunt

Welland Lodge, Upton. The day started in the Stanks, they then crossed over to Queenshill where some numpty shouted “tally ho over”, apparently he had seen the trail layer… hmm, yes… a small, red, furry four-legged one. They seemed to abandon that one and off it was to the Leeke clan’s Manor Farm, Longdon where they hunted just prior to second horses. A fox ran through unseen but by the sab driver who covered his line with citronella. Then they went inland for the afternoon and spent about an hour gathering the pack at the end finishing at 17.00. Our day was longer as we had to unblock a badger sett in the dark and check others. Four of those checked were blocked, 3 were OK.

Summertime sett surveying really pays off for sabs both for any roll out to Worcestershire and for the persecution of badgers by the Ledbury, some farmers, badger baiters and so forth. What we found was that nearly every sett had spade marks, many had signs of dig outs. All of the setts we found blocked today have been vandalised before.

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