28th January – CVFH

Report nicked from Welsh Border Hunt Sabs

The Cotswold Vale
– Southwick Farm
– 28th Jan 2017
(with a quick stop off at Caradoc Court to see Patrick Darling)

After rumours of the possible attendance of hounds at Caradoc court, and because it was kind of on the way (and we are dead nosey) we called in for a visit before heading off to join up with other Three Counties hunt saboteurs at Southwick for a meet of the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt.

On arrival, we were greeted by “the Bicester Boys” lead by Tom Thumb, the teeny tiniest hunt steward you ever did see, who immediately tried to block the way of the two shortest females walking along the road. Definite case of small man syndrome.

As the hunt moved towards Apperley village, we found Simon drawing a small wood. With sabs on both sides, calling hounds out, he cast the hounds into a small wood. As the hounds went into cry, and with Simon the other side of the small woodland, out of sight of the pack, it was down to sabs to stop the rioting hounds. Did we receive any thanks for our valiant efforts? No, not unless you consider a rather inappropriate comment about one sabs behind a sign of gratitude. Sadly, not from a Tory councillor, oh well, back to the fundraising drawing board for us.

With the hunt moving off across the road, we found them drawing along a small hedge line. With a little bit of rating, hounds moved off towards “the ridge”. For a little while, they were out of sight but we could here hounds speaking from time to time. It was at this point that the other sab vehicle had a bird scarer thrown at it by the Bicester boys, who by now were pissed up as later that evening was the very prestigious Hunt Ball (sarcasm, btw).

Hounds moved to the bottom of the ridge and began went into cry. Sabs used horn and voice calls to lift their heads, leaving Simon to gather them all up and head for home. Whilst waiting for hounds to move off back towards the meet, we had a game of “Guess who” with Four Shires bloodhounds ex, “Ruby”. He wasn’t very good but hey, he’s riding with the Cotty Vile so no surprise really.

As we checked to make sure they were back at the meet, and just as we were turning round to head home, the Boys turned up with Podgy Hodges in tow desperate to play. SO for the next half hour, they blocked us in, refusing to allow us to leave, in spite of the fact we were on a public road, all be it a dead end one. So what to do in such a situation? Panic? Loose your temper? Nah, sit and eat cake and have a bit of a laugh. Eventually , the pissed up dickheads got bored and left and we waved them goodbye as they swerved up the road. Shame the police failed to attend as they would have managed to nab two drunk hunt drivers. We guess Tewksbury Police aren’t that bothered about keeping drunks off the road. Who knew?

All in all, not a bad day. The question now is, Who will replace Simon? We await with baited breathe.

Welsh Border Hunt Sabs

Please check out there facebook video from WBHS

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