Worcester Vegan Fair

A fantastic day out at the vegan fair on Saturday run by Worcester Vegans & Veggies. We decided to pay that little bit extra and have a stall in the main hall this year and it certainly paid off to do so, especially as we were in a corner where we could display more merchandise and leaflets without encroaching on anyone else.

A huge thank you to the organisers and to the lovely Sea Shepherdvolunteer who helped us out on the day with transport as well as the Vegan Cakery and other stall-holders who help make our day. There was a lot of interest in many of the campaign stalls, including ours, which is great to see, lots of questions and ideas and people wishing to get more involved in different ways as well as donating and buying merchandise.

Huge thanks to Black Badger Printworks who had given us a load of stock that needed clearing as it helped raise funds and we were glad to be able to make a little bit of money for our sab friends in North Shropshire as well as Gloucestershire Badger Office especially with sett-surveying getting back into full swing now that the hunting season is drawing to a close.

Also a massive thanks to Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch who some of our sabs joined up with to visit the VWH on Saturday for their last meet of the season. Fantastic teamwork on the day (see separate report for details). All in all, a busy but successful day all round. We’ll be at the Cheltenham Vegan Fairlater in the year and will post about our other upcoming fairs and workshops as and when, so keep checking out our page.

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