10th March 2018 –

Whilst some of the group were with Welsh Border’s sabs sabbing the CVFH, others went to the North Cotswold hunt at Didbrook farm. They hunted around Haile’s wood to start with marking a fox to ground at Haile’s Fruit farm so one that was not dug out. In fact they ran south very fast after that. We wonder what the tourists and holiday makers would make of the illegal hunting, sett blocking and badger culling that goes on there…

2 blocked badger setts found elsewhere and new ones found for our records which will help to protect them during the cull. They were going to draw Pinnock Cliff but after a short history lesson from master and huntsman Nigel Peel on the area (all the villagers died in the plague, every last one of them) he ran away into Guiting woods without even attempting to look for a fox. We next caught up with them late in the day at Kineton Hill farm.

Please continue to support us, we still have another few weeks before the season ends here and then it’s a summer of sett surveying prior to this year’s cull

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