9th February 2018 – Ledbury and North Staffs joint meet

Manor Farm Longdon.

Just in from a very long day! As can be seen from the hidden camera Ledbury sett blockers were out yesterday early evening filling in setts, masked up. None were seen on the early shift. 4 setts were found to be blocked, there will probably be more.

They hunted around Queenshill to start with and then into the Stanks after 2nd horse. Showing off in front of their little chums from up north (there were about 100 of them) we had a few witticisms from Joint Master Edward Phillipson Stowe and then off to Birtsmorton.

Things got silly then as they hunted a fox out of Birtsmorton Park. We rated the hounds off and successfully stopped them from going across the A438 in the dusk. This is when Peter Cooksie (a Ledbury stalwart) came from out of his box and encouraged them over said road, at dusk, in the rush hour!!! And he called us weird!!

They lost that fox and as if to show off even more went into Berrow wood at 17.30 and found another one. Well it’s right next to the M50 so really clever… not. Anyway when sabs left they were still trying to gather the pack in the dark.

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