14th February 2018 – Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt

Pound Farm, Hawkesbury. A very busy day with our friends Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch. Horrible wet cold day but we managed to help some of those being hunted. On the video the Beaufort terrier brigade can be seen and heard holloaing south of the meet. Holloas are to encourage hounds onto the line of a fox and should have no place in trail hunts or flushing to birds of prey or guns.

Later a fox was seen in the undergrowth of another covert as sabs walked in on the footpath. The area was sprayed and the hunt was seen leaving just afterwards. It could have been that the presence of sabs was enough to deter them at that time but they went back later and hunted a fox into an old shed. Sabs fearing the worst had to dodge terriermen Paul and Timmy but made it through in the end with some ninja moves to check for signs of a kill/stop any terrier work. Matt Ramsden gathered the pack with lightning speed and got out of there, no signs of blood on them. No signs of a kill, we hope that the fox found somewhere safe to hide. They left the area after some drama about trespassing.

Lots more happened, we lifted hounds heads and rated them when necessary. They finished at the monument.

Yesterday the Hethrop were at Great Barrington – sabs scrambled out and kept watch on them around Barrington Bushes late on in the day.

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