Anti-poaching patrols continue…

Three Counties Hunt Sabs generally have a handful of people out at each hunt meet, often more than one hunt being sabbed at a time by small teams. But what isn’t seen is the larger group consisting of those out sett-checking before and after hunt meets, pre-spraying woods or pre-beating shooting areas, putting up cameras and those who contact us for advice or send in anonymous reports when they’ve sabotaged poaching, shooting, hunting…

Even during a night out, our supporters manage to rattle animal abusers – these boar killers for example who quickly dragged the body away after a young girl inspected their vehicle, blood dripping out of the back of the pickup all over the road. She insists she’ll be keeping a close eye on these guys from now on.

Animal abusers remember this: we are everywhere. Bird watchers, ramblers, dog walkers, your neighbour or trusted local hunt “supporter”.

Support us if you can – share our posts, donate if you’re able and / or sabotage and report wildlife crime when and where you can.

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