4th January ’19 – Ledbury Hunt

*** Blocked badger setts in a cull zone where the cull continues * Hounds hunting a fox through gardens * fox hunted into small hole, sabs pull hounds out ***

First Port of call was a blocked sett which was dealt with and reported. The hounds were up Limbury Hill and then found a fox at Blackwell’s End farm and a holloa was heard from a hunt follower on the road as sabs from up the hill used voice calls lifting their heads.

After second horsing at Tweenhills, they crossed the A417 and hunted a fox through gardens at Broad Street, Hartpury. One quick thinking householder after seeing the fox flee for his life through his garden ran out and rated the pack of hounds away from the hunted animal. Quite a few people not very happy and asking lots of questions!

Then a repeat performance as they approached Ashleworth… Onwards then to Ashleworth meadows where they hunted a fox towards Haw Bridge. A sab’ filmed the hunted fox from near the pub but regrettably he ran back the way he had come. He went to ground in a small hole and hounds trying to dig him out again as they marked were pulled out physically by sabs. Wisely the hunt retreated, not so wisely they then crossed the main road and hunted another fox in the dusk up to Cumberwood farm and back down to the outskirts of Tirley. In the dark they did stop the pack in the end.

Another blocked badger sett was found at the end of the day, looked recent but not today. This sett had been very active. The cull continues in this area with free-shooting but those who hate badgers are not content with a cull that goes on for 7 months. The illegal killing and damage to setts also continues.

Very busy day in which it was ,yet again, really obvious that the Ledbury are hunting foxes. Bearing in mind that they are enjoying the South Herefordshire Hunt country (whilst whatever is left of that hunt join in with them) it does make you wonder what sort of echo chamber the MFHA (Masters of Fox Hounds Association) exist in. No one is buying the trail hunting theatrics, certainly not in this part of the world.

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