8th January ’19 – Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt

*** Dig-out stopped by sab presence ***

The hunt met in Longhope today. One fox went past a sab’ in Sculchurch wood and hounds were rated back… then another fox followed. This brace ran off as most of the pack were rated back (stopped from chasing them by telling them off) and massive amounts of citronella sprayed on the line of the foxes. Gary Williams abandoned any attempt to hunt them and went off to Huntley Hill after the inevitable “slagbag” and “old cow” comments were spewed out at us.

In that rough area they marked another fox to ground in a badger sett and the terriermen were on the entrance where the fox had gone in, the mounted field (all complicit in illegal hunting as it was obvious what was about to happen) and the hounds waiting nearby with Gary holding them back. Field Master Jason Warner saw a sab’ approach, Gary legged it with the pack in tow and the terriermen ran back to their quads with Ben Hughes reaching for the flask of coffee as quick as possible for an impromptu tea party… before also heading, literally, to the hills.

A close examination of the sett revealed some recently disturbed earthworms and soil. Gloucestershire police wildlife officers were soon present and the hunt was soon back at Longhope all packed up. It was noted that Gary had taken another tumble.

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