30th January ’19 – North Cotswold Hunt

It seems the North Cotswold Hunt have invited the Bicester down to hunt their country and learn the ways of hunting until way after dark and riding overloaded quads down public roads with no tax, insurance, MOT…

Two of us have been out all day with the hunt and a third was well-placed when driving home from work to witness a hunt supporter yell ‘Tally Ho!’ and inform a rider on point that he had seen a fox crossing from Welshman’s Hedge Wood (where we filmed a fox chase earlier in the season at the NCH).

Bicester pack and whipper-in were in control for most of the day with some supporters and riders from the NCH so it was a joint meet of some sort… wonder what’s going on there though. They spent most of the day hunting Lidcombe Wood and Shenberrow Hill. Round and round.
Video to follow. Sabs have just come out from inland as the hunt were out way after darkness fell. On these icy roads, which are likely to get worse as it gets colder, we’d have thought an earlier pack up would be sensible to ensure horse boxes could get back safely…


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