8th March ’19 – Ledbury Hunt

*** fox hunted across busy B-road by Ledbury Hunt ***

Friday 8th March 2019
Ledbury Hunt
Hunter’s Inn, Buckbury

Last Friday meet of the season! The hunt were found hunting a fox right near the pub and across the B4211. Then it was the usual draw around the Forthampton Estate. A fox was hunted around Voulter’s wood with intervention from sabs slowing down the pack.

Also yesterday BBC Hereford and Worcester broadcast a discussion / debate about hunting between one of our sabs and ‘Dan’, who works in hunt service.

The link is:


… it starts 20 minutes in and is heard throughout the programme.

We are getting near the end of the season here now – phew! Please continue to support what we do. The info, donations and sharing of posts is amazing. We have just reached 18,000 likes this week :) and are coming up to around 100 days out at hunt meets (not including days out fighting the cull or sett surveying!

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