10th June 2019: South Herefordshire Hunt defendants’ sentencing

Pleaded Guilty:

Julie Elmore
Paul Reese

Found Guilty:

Paul Oliver
Hannah Rose

Found Not Guilty:

Nathan Parry

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Sentencing from the South Herefordshire Hunt trial:

Conditional discharge for Julie Elmore and Paul Reece (as they pleaded guilty to a lesser charge instead of going to trial).

Suspended prison sentences of 16 weeks for Paul Oliver and 12 weeks for Hannah Rose.

In her sentencing comments the judge stated that the “hate campaign” against the defendants (people calling them up and harassing them) had affected her decision on sentencing, alongside the length of time the defendants had already had the case drawn out for before trial.

This is why defendants’ faces are blurred in pictures and names and details are not often made public before court cases – perceived “bad behaviour” by anti-hunt people can mean lesser sentences are considered for those convicted.

The judge also considered the fact that the defendants had lost their jobs and homes and were taking anti-anxiety meds due to the drawn-out process (an issue caused by pro-hunt lies regarding made-up relationships between sabs and police officers which delayed investigations).

Brief footage showing the hunts’ behaviour when they were still hunting:

The hunting fraternity are still trying to pretend that fox hunts hunt trails. The SHH were never seen laying trails before or after the arrival of Paul Oliver and we had plenty of cases where foxes were chased into badger setts.

We have put together footage of Paul Oliver out hunting when he was master and Huntsman of the South Herefordshire Hunt in the months before he was filmed taking fox cubs to the the hounds.

The first meet was a joint with the Crawley and Horsham 12th December 2015. It was a hectic day where 2 foxes were marked to ground and a dig-out was prevented by sabs. The second meet was at Kentchurch on 16th January 2016 where sabs stopped him from hunting. The third was at a children’s meet at Courtfield 16th February 2016. On this occasion hounds rioted onto deer with no one from the hunt nearby to stop them.

Please note the sound of the voice calls, holloas, very similar can be heard on the Hunt Investigation Team’s footage when hounds were taken to kennels.

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