Working with Sources, May 2019

With one of our sabs urging people to get in touch with us with information in our end-of-season report, and the court case of the South Herefordshire Hunt defendants coming up, we’ve updated our website again.

While it is a brief article, this page outlines where we obtain some of our intelligence and how we deal with information and the sources we get it from. Tip-offs of any kind (about hunt meets, badger baiting, more serious and ongoing incidents, general information about individuals) all add to our ability to intervene in animal cruelty and are gratefully received!

Working with Sources article

Whether you’re openly anti-cruelty, secretly anti-hunt in your local community, involved in hunting / culling / terrierwork but against, let’s say, ‘extracurricular activities’ such as badger digging and baiting, use of bagged foxes, badger killing outside of the licenced culls, poaching and so on, we will resurrect respect confidentiality and anonymity.

3C Sabs: 07891 639803 threecountiessabs [at] (replace [at] with @ when emailing us)

Thank you!

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