13th November ’19 – Worcestershire Hunt

*** Lone sab prevents dig-out * huntsman blows for terriers as hounds mark to ground at active sett * hunt trespass in local area ***

The Worcestershire Hunt met today at the Talbot Pub in Knightwick. From the meet they started by hunting foxes in Hay Wood before moving on to another area where another fox was hunted. He escaped into a deep badger sett and the hounds very clearly marked to ground there (marking to ground is where the hounds will make a distinctive noise at sett / earth / drain entrances or another area where a fox has escaped and they will try to get to the fox, although they are too big normally to get into a sett).

Our 24hr confidential tip-off line is: 07891 639803

Huntsman Roderick Wilson actively encouraged the hounds in marking, praising them and blew three times on his hunting horn which is a call for the terriermen to come into the covert. The sab managed to get to the sett before they did and Roderick made a very quick about turn to get out of the area (almost forgetting where his horse was in the process and not doing a great job at getting hounds away from the sett). Seconds later several men with spades could be seen approaching, then also making a quick about turn to get away. Sab spent some time near to the sett to ensure that terriermen did not come back to dig-out and they did return, to tell sab that she was trespassing(!) and then to have a discussion about scrambled tofu on toast…

A group called Worcestershire Against the Badger Cull who work alongside Gloucestershire Badger Office and are sett-checking and surveying in Worcestershire sent some members out to check on the sett until dark and they found the hunt coming back to the area to hunt some more! We have also received reports throughout the day of hounds out of control on roads and the hunt trespassing on private property and causing more damage than any fox or a sab on foot ever could… a gate left open by hunt members almost caused a herd of cows to get out on to a road in the dark.

West Mercia Police how much longer can this hunt get away with their behaviour? How will you justify authorising a badger cull license in Worcestershire in the coming years when 4 separate incidents involving just this hunt and active badger setts have been reported in the last week alone?!

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