28th January 2020 – CVFH joint meet with VWH

The CVFH held a joint meet with the VWH at Leigh House, The Leigh. With Mendip Hunt sabs and Hunt sabs Ireland.

The 3C sab’ spent most of time inland keeping an eye out whilst folk from the other 2 groups did a brilliant job at staying with hounds and thwarting their attempts to hunt for much of the day in the Prior’s Norton area, so we will leave them to tell the tale.

Video from Mendip Sabs

We were told that Phillip Hague (VWH huntsman) is on holiday, leaving it to the whipper-in to carry the horn.

It was a very successful day. This is a hotspot in badger cull zone 1 and the several setts seen today were very active. Considering we are in what could be the final few days of the 2019 cull there is still a lot of activity which is great to see.

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