29th January 2020 – NCH

The hunt met at Long Stretch Farm in Honeybourne.

A lone sab’ was waiting on the old railway line and sure enough that is where they decided to draw first. At one stage a fox was heard through the undergrowth and crept into some very thick brambles. Hounds came a minute or so later and were successfully rated off of the scent. Citronella was also sprayed to mask the scent of the fox. The huntsman Ollie Dale then lifted the pack and encouraged them into the very thick brambles where the fox had hidden. They picked up again and the fox was seen escaping down the side of the old railway. They the called the hounds away and headed further south picking up on another fox and hunting him around to where the first one escaped. The sab was now being stalked which meant Jamie Smith (NCH Vice Chairman) playing loud music to drown out the sound of hounds and huntsman. They spent 3 hours in that area and then went elsewhere.

We are getting some incredibly useful tip offs meaning we can be inland before the hunt knows we are there…

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