3rd February 2020 – Ledbury Hunt

The Ledbury Hunt met in the Pauntley area, near Redmarley. We know this area well with it being a real hotspot in Gloucestershire badger cull zone one. Despite Redmarley especially having high rates of bTB infection, fox hunting continues in the area and there is little regard to biosecurity when it comes to badgers and their setts. One hound was found marking a fox to ground after a brief hunt of a fox.

The sett is well-known and targeted in the cull. To be fair the whipper-in was calling the hounds out (but if they were following a trail they shouldn’t have been anywhere near in the first place) so a sab assisted by going to check the sett and tell that hound off, thus making sure that the badgers and the fox were left in peace! They moved on quickly to some gorse and a fox was seen fleeing a couple of lead hounds. Oddly the whipper-in was indulging in some saddle-slapping (noise made to scare a fox away from the source of the noise) whilst the terrierman Tom Stokes was lurking behind a hedge.

Onto Redhill where hounds did pick up in front of us but were taken into some more gorse and then to Cobhill Rough where they did not do very much. Early pack up at 15.30

Please continue to support us with information (call 07891 639803) and to donate use: paypal.me/threecountiessabs . Sett-checking is also needed and we are happy to show you how!

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