31st December 2020 – Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt

*** third badger sett blocked by the Croome and West Warwickshire within the last 5 days ***

New Year’s Eve 2020

The Croome and West Warwickshire did not turn up at Peopleton today – a wise decision as the ground was incredibly icy and difficult to walk on. For hound feet and horses’/ponies’ legs it would have been very hard. We struggled, slipping over several times sett checking.

One sett was found to be freshly blocked. It would be very difficult in this weather for badgers to get out. Even with the apparent cancellation, no one had bothered to go back and release them from being entombed.

The Ledbury, The Croome and the Worcestershire hunts will still go out hunting as they are all ‘only’ in tier 3 and all of them block badger setts. Please call us if you see them around – 07891 639803

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