8th December 2020 – Heythrop Hunt

A horseless rider followed a sab on a sett checking expedition and sure enough before long a badger sett was found freshly blocked, sadly we know that many other setts will be blocked in that area. This was before they left the meet and no trail layer was seen Soon afterwards a quad arrived and dropped off a proper stalker called Lucy to go for a walk with the sab.

Social distancing was non existant for the 50 odd riders and amateur huntsman Charlie Frampton was coughing a fair bit as he went into Maugersbury Grove.

He went on to (from what could be heard) to draw blank in numerous coverts until he got to the back of Church Westcote and eventually hunted what sounded like a brace as the pack was split. They hunted into the dark and may have killed but too far away to be certain.

Car sab’ was brilliant and a sight for sore legs – 12 miles clocked up!

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