Der Aktivix-Sozial-Vertrag The Aktivix Social Contract in German existiert, weil wir meinen, dass es für Widerstands-Gruppierungen unerlässlich ist in der Lage zu sein, ihre eigenen Kommunikations-Bedürfnisse selbst zu befriedigen. Wir dürfen nicht gezwungen sein, auf unsichere, profitgetriebene Kommunikationsmittel angewiesen zu sein, die uns mit Verstand betäubender Werbung bombardiert.
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aktivix email service and the web interfaces

There were two web interfaces you could use to check your aktivix emails: horde and roundcube. Due to circumstances beyond aktivix’s control, we can no longer support roundcube.

As for horde – webmail is really only a backup for those occasions when you are not sitting in front of your own computer. Of course if you do not own a computer you do need to use the web alternative, but if you have access to the same computer/s regularly, you are encouraged to have a copy of thunderbird for you especially if you want to easily use encryption and other nice bits, like .. read on. Continue reading

don’t spam us

Any one can request a blog at anyone. Ok, whether we will give it is another question. But it really is very rarely that we do not. Most often, if we do not grant a requested blog is because we have asked for just a bit more information about the future contents and there has been no answer.
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