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   We are coming out. It’s been a while we kept our words for ourselves. Without wishing to lay down the law, we feel ready to contribute to the ongoing discussions. While our contributions will be rather small as they may, we still feel obliged to have a finger in the pie.

   We are speaking out. We are speaking out for all of us who are sick and tired of the sufferings caused by the current social system. We are speaking out for all of us who wish to raise our voice against all the mechanisms that generate and regenerate the alienation of people to nature, to other people and to themselves.

   We are reaching out. We are reaching out to those who have doubt that this is all there is. We are reaching out to those who are skeptical about the lullabies repeating that this is the best world possible. We are reaching out to those who also feel the need to question the taboos such as private property, economic growth, nationality, religion and sexism.

“For our part it is our task to drag the old world into the full light of day and to give positive shape to the new one. The more time history allows thinking mankind to reflect and suffering mankind to collect its strength the more perfect will be the fruit which the present now bears within its womb.” [Karl Marx, Letter to Arnold Ruge, May 1843]

   We aim at going beyond the definitions the system forced us to memorize. We object to learning freedom from car commercials. We object to learning equality from religious administrators. We object to learning solidarity from nationalist newspapers. We know that there is a wonderful world beyond this gigantic prison. We know that we have a huge potential for human self-realization beyond this waste of time fobbed off onto us as life.

  With open arms we welcome any comments or contributions that are in accordance with our stance (i.e. the very text you are reading). We would like to form comradeship with all those who are willing to get up, stand up for our rights. We salute all those who don’t give up the fight.

outforbeyond at riseup.net


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