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Jan 11

A call to European left: Defend secularism!

Here is how it goes: There is a problem. The problem has causes as well as effects. You can and should talk about the causes and the effects. But please do not ignore that there is a problem. And here, more concretely. Take any of the followings: Charlie Hebdo attacks (France), Mohammed’s caricature crisis (Denmark), …

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Jul 23

Feodalism is not anti-capitalism.

This short text is a commentary on the discussions on the pseudo-convergence between the islamist movement and the left. It was originally written in Turkish, elaborating on a very specific occasion that triggered the discussions in Turkey. Therefore, the text is Turkish in nature. Yet, we believed that this discussion is worth translating for the …

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Jan 13

Dinden özgürlük – Freedom from religion

Scroll down for English.   Dinden özgürlük Bu yazı, halkın bir kesiminin benimsediği dini değerleri alenen aşağılama içermektedir ve dolayısıyla Türk Ceza Kanunu’nun 216. maddesi gereği altı aydan bir yıla kadar hapis cezasına tabidir.   Bu nedir? Bu budur. Greener Nautilus‘a, Ekşisözlük‘ün cesur yazarlarına ve tüm ateistlere yoldaşça selamlarımızla.       Freedom from religion …

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Sep 06

Religious symbols are political symbols.

There is an incomprehensible discussion on how to respond to the laws and regulations banning or restricting the wearing of religious symbols in certain public spheres. As is the case for most of the discussions on religion; once the question is put incorrectly, it is almost impossible to reach to a true conclusion by rational …

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