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A call to European left: Defend secularism!

Here is how it goes: There is a problem. The problem has causes as well as effects. You can and should talk about the causes and the effects. But please do not ignore that there is a problem. And here, more concretely. Take any of the followings: Charlie Hebdo attacks (France), Mohammed’s caricature crisis (Denmark), …

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Waiting for Real Muslims – Hüseyin Kete

On July 2nd, 1993, 33 human beings, 33 Alevi’s, 33 intellectuals were burned alive in Sivas. After the Friday prayer, people who left the mosque with cries of allahuekber [Allah is the greatest], gasoline cans in hand, set them on fire… centuries after the “Dark” Age. They killed the ones who played saz the best, …

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