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pechblenda is one of your big fanatic followers LesLie García

We are super happy to receive such good news : Leslie Garcia is  joining the Bauhaus University, Weimar as artistic researcher at the Department of Design of Media Environments under Prof. Ursula Damm. To be part of the project:

PhyChip – Growing Computers from Slime Mould.

She’ll be working on sonifiying data from the Slime Mould and developing some OpenSource software and hardware for the task. Thanks to Theresa Schubert and Ursula Damm for this great opportunity

thanks Leslie for all your inspiration an energy, we can’t wait to build something together ! ! ! !

here more links:

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Interview with Cecilia Jonsson, the artist who extracts iron from invasive weeds

Cecilia Jonsson, The Iron Ring

Cecilia Jonsson, The Iron Ring. Photo: Carina-Hesper

In the South of Spain runs a river so red and soalien-looking that the Spain tourism board is marketing it as Mars on Earth. NASA scientists even came to the area to investigate the ecosystem for its similarities to the planet Mars.

Due (mostly) to the intense mining for copper, silver, gold, and other mineral in the area, the Rio Tinto is highly acidic, its water has a low oxygen content and it is made dense by the metals it carries in suspension. Its deep reddish hue is caused by the iron dissolved in the water.

Cecilia Jonsson visited the region to collect some of the wild grass that grows on the borders of the Rio Tinto. The name of that grass is Imperata cylindrica. It is a highly invasive weed and its other particularity is that it is an iron hyperaccumulater, which means that the plant literally drinks up the metal in the soil and stores high levels of it in its leaves, stems and roots.

The artist harvested 24kg of Imperata cylindrica and worked with smiths, scientists, technicians and farmers in order to extract the iron ore from the plants and use it to make an iron ring. The innovative experiment brought together the biological, the industrial, the technological and even craft to create a piece of jewellery that weights 2 grams. The project also suggests a way to reverse the contamination process while at the same time mining iron ore from the damaged environment.

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Five-O – código de acción directa!

Estas chicas tan alegres y jovenzuelas se llaman Ima, Asha, Caleb  Christian, y con 16, 15, 14 y 10 años respectivamente, programaron el 2014 una aplicación móvil para grabar y archivar datos de cada encuentro con la policia. En sus palabras:

Hemos estado oyendo las instancias negativas en las noticias, por ejemplo, el más reciente de Michael Brown, y siempre hablamos de estos temas con nuestros padres”

“Ellos siempre tratan de reforzar que debemos centrarnos en las soluciones. Es importante hablar de los problemas, pero luego hemos de centrarnos en la búsqueda de soluciones. Eso nos hizo pensar ¿por qué no creamos una aplicación para ayudar a resolver este problema“. DIVINAS

 Esos informes de incidentes pueden ser compartidos y utilizados por la comunidad para evaluar los oficiales individuales y los departamentos de policía en su conjunto. Además del sistema de calificación de la policía, la aplicación incluye una sección de “conozca sus derechos”, con información de la American Civil Liberties Union.

Que gustazo de hackerillas, alegres, resolutivas y cañeras. TOMA!

“We are teen co-founders of this mobile application development company in Georgia. We love creating apps and we’ve got 3 awesome apps on the way!! Follow us! Spread the word!  Below, read about our early start in Technology.”