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“Post-apocalyptic Water Design”

Hackteria/Präsentation: Postapocalyptic Water Design
Marc BöhlenMonday, 18.8., 8pm
Artist Marc Böhlen will present recent projects in experimental resource management that combine technical and urban interventions. In particular the care of recreational and essential water resources will be addressed through a discussion of WaterBar, a system that creates mineralized water in response to bad water news and WaterBank, a water analysis and fresh water distribution system designed for the Terban district of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
The presentation is part of a series on the topic of Bioart organized by Hackteria Society and Corner College.- Zürich

[INDOpECH] _ Ring of Fire(stein)

Pechblenda is ON fire. In a ring of fire, totally surrounded by fluidity magmatic relations, getting wet of continuous beauty of creatures. Indonesia Times, Jogya Makcik//Magic.

Here we are, in a wheel that begins with the endless Pin‘s multiple connectivity where Hackteria is a mutant tissue of relations of this plugINs.We are in HackteriaLAB 2014, in Yogyakarta, a crazy geek meeting of biohackers, biofriks, science lovers and DIY energy-sharing organisms..

We have no words to explain our Sarokoan (delay or procrastination in pleasure of rhythms in Indonesian bahasa) to get on time on our movements. To make it short to get forward and get updated NOW.

So, looking backwards on this fire ring geography, we realize that on a long time ago April, 1815 exactly the largest volcanic explosion in the world occurred here in the past 10,000 years. The eruption of Tambora was the 5th April of 1815 with rumblings and small pyroclastic emissions. The main 24 hour long ordeal occurred on 10th April 1815. The sky remained dark for 1-2 days up to 600 km from the volcanic eruption. This eruption is deeply related to or frankenstein roots, to our mutant cyborg bodies.

The cold rain ended up ruining a June 1816 outing in Switzerland for Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and John Polidori, and the group ended up staying indoors.  The grim weather inspired grim talk of ghost stories and bringing the dead to life through electricity (via the newly-discovered galvanism).  Lord Byron challenged each member of the group to write his or her own supernatural story.   The outcome of this challenge led to two major literary figures in horror.  John Polidori wrote The Vampyre, which would later inspire Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Mary Shelley, of course, would end up writing Frankenstein.

,Mary Shelley wrote, “…it proved a wet, ungenial summer, and incessant rain often confined us for days to the house.” She remembered watching lightning storms marching across the mountains in the evening: “One night we enjoyed a finer storm than I had ever before beheld. The lake was lit up – the pines on Jura made visible, and all the scene illuminated for an instant, when a pitchy blackness succeeded, and the thunder came in frightful bursts over our heads amid the darkness.”

Lord Byron also see darkness. Now, we see darkness. We love darkness.

20140413 102311_largefrankenstein



We love what we are looking right now… we love hackteria fluids and lifepatches.

…from the Merapi volcano… this view will continue…