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[RoBoDoNieNnN 2014]

Años, devociones y saliva a borbotones empleados y esparcidos por doquier en maravillosxs inventorxs y creadorxs de enormes bichos y máquinas bio-mechatronicas hechas de chatarra y que se regocijan por el lodo, como [Lrry1] ; horas siguiendoles la pista remotamente a colectivos como Mutoid Waste Company; hasta descubrir DogHead.tv   y volverme literalmente loca, loca, loca!!

Pasando por JoannaPeacock , costurera, pirómana y loca loca loca perdía!!

Enredandome con la telaraña de MONDOSPIDER

Y volviendome artisticamente exxxtrema con ExtremeArts

Hasta ya explotar con Jim Whiting y Bimbo Town  —> A los cuales les dedicamos un Post en Mutanger.


…… i la lista no tiene fin……….

Y recuerdo preguntarme a mi mismx en aquel entonces si algún día lograría mi tan querido objetivo [[construccion y desarrollo de bichos y protesis biomechatronicas; cyborgs desgenitalizadxs, desgeneradxs, y transformistas, cuyas capacidades son extendibles y/o modificables. Deseando siempre ir más allá que estos colectivos, que me xiflan pero se quedan muuuy en la base de la historia, demasie(l) arraigados a su mentalidad hetero-papaito-militarizada-normativa; siempre me aborrecieron entorno a eso, bueh…]]  o si al menos lograría trabajar con ellxs alguna vez en la vida, con tal de xupar y xupar información, practica y experiencia, para moldear mi plan a gusto y disgusto de una misma; me importaba un carajo que resultaran ser unos imbeciles, xuparía igual.

Pues fijate tu como todo ESTALLA cuando nuestra gran querida monstruita berlinesa Yan, invita a Pechblenda a Köln, al festival Robodonien, que no me lo kreo que es justo allí donde queríamos ir a parar!

y si, Pechblenda se cristaliza radioactiva y bioluminiscente direccion norte europa con estas brutas cabeza cuadrada,



Spreading Fluids in Interference.io




In Interference.io context [1] presentation related to Calafou enviromental pluvial landscapes.

DIY Fluids Narratives & hACktions River ANALysys hardware Prototypes & Polluted Industrial Environment Dialectics

keywods: poluted river, diy rescue technics, bioremediation, hardwaehacks, heavy metal pollution, catalunya industrial contamination, liquid hardware-data-analysis, estrogens, vitelogenina, Alquilfenoles (APE), lead, nitrates, intersex fishes.

‘Water’s is substance through whose movements we can trace histories of colonialism, underdevelopment and the flow of capital. Water might be understood as a materialization of structures of social power. Water sustains life and also sustain communities. Our Waterscapes are full of traces of industrial past and present, fluid scars of the brutality of industrialization fever, neo-liberal appropriation of resources and criminal multinational neoextaccionism minery. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

This letal Hydropolitic is based on water access and control, that don’t let us another option that depend in privatized “clean” water. This presentation will review the paradigms of hydrological conditions and water management practices In the context o catalunya rivers in where the XIX century rise of industrial colonies take place, the toxic waste trough in their flows have transformed in poison magma streams, affecting the environmental health. Our own Styx & Acheron fluvial nightmare.

The Anoia river is one of this death rivers, more than 100 years of continuous pollution from textile, leather an paper industries between others, have shape an environment that has reach the point of mutate the fishes that still survive to intersex creatures, consequence of high levels of estrogens and other hormones, so their are unable to reproduce anymore. And this is only one example. So, how can this be reversed? is possible anyway? The first step before start to experiment bio-remediation technichs will be getting the right tools of accurate analysis and monitoring. WE have to be able to create tools that do not need to depend on private and expensive laboratorie analysis reports, cause they are also polluters. I will share some past experiences:YogjaLausanne about river data analysis, unfortunately this hacking experiences are always situated experiences in other rivers, with different conditions, pollution, geographical flows and community symbiosis. The aim will be to share knowledge about DIY hardware like CheapStat and get a golden rain of ideas focus in Anoia context, and mapping the maximum of possibilities like density, light spectrum, flow, magnetism, bacteria hacking, etc, etc.


[2] [AnarchaGland] Anarcha, Lucy & Betsey: Anarchagland is a autonomous-research project about the history of gynecology, and an active and radical proposal to re-write it. Body-hack / GlamSPELL

Interference is a gathering of people, perspectives, theories, and actions that share a critical approach to society and technology. It will take place at the Binnenpret in Amsterdam, NL from 15th to the 17th of August 2014. It will be a space where we can meet, debate, share, learn, and find our affinities and oppositions. The event comes as a response to the lack of a common ground for confrontation and discussion over themes like hacking, technology, art and politics that could break out of the existing containers and roles for such concepts and practices.

Horarios por confirmar!

in tran-sit


Foto del día 15-05-2014 a la(s) 11:00

I´m coming back from Indonesia three weeks ago, directly to pechblenda, changue some things on the mobile labs, make some Mutanger tshirts and travell until Colombia; I think that is not time jet to writte about how important was our collaboration into the HAckterialab 2014 a , important like all the other collaborations, but I feel very lucky to have this awesome oportunities to expand all kind of hacking. I was collaborating last weeks in this festiva SONEMA , woorking together with artist and hackers like Julian Armatroste, Hamilton Mestizo, los mecánicos, Leonel Vasques, radio relajo, maria cofe, elisa, octavo plástico and others, was super funny ! ! now I´m preparing with María from Transnoise this panel : Whose Fictions? Upturning the Male Dystopian Narrative

Binaries are at the core of dystopian literature: good/evil, protagonist/antagonist, male/female. In this discussion, panelists Adrienne Maree Brown – sci-fi writer and Octavia Butler scholar, Paula Pin and Maria Mitsopoulou – members of the transhackfeminist art collective Transnoise and Pechblenda lab, and Skawennati – artist and curator exploring Aboriginal virtual environments, will consider how speculative fiction might engage with and apply feminist, queer, and intersectional approaches to question, deconstruct, ostensibly re-imagine the dystopian literary landscape.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Erandy Vergara, independent curator and PhD candidate at McGill University, currently researching global art histories.

and after of this excited panel we will perform our AKelarre cyborg with transnoise and Quimera Rosa

english on this festival

tshrit : Anarcha GLAND in action (squirting!)

thinking about body incubator for bioluminscence that contains luciferasa- lucifer

spiiiiirulinaaaaa of course … energy, dildos from microorganism shapes to macro pleasure, biopunk, synths, neurons, bacterias, prostatas,cunts, skin, noise ,..,,.,,.,,,,,.,.,.