electrAnikaS. circuits and more ))((///(())


– performance art as a political instrument – Bolivia/London/Berlín / Transnoise, Pechblenda, Quimera Rosa.

searching for a meaning making machine a prothesis form to interact illegal mutated etnographies and love zones bio and moral modifications!
Notes for the workshop the body as sound post gender instrument. We meet inside
the transfeminist post porno movement, at parties, demos meetings. At self organised spaces where we collectively deconstuct our identities, we exchange tools, articulate experiment on gender bending practises. We intervention. perceive our bodies us public platforms for and out of collective our body as artificial, as an architecture, a political social an artefact.
We understand construction, As a platform, that makes possible the materialization of political imagination. So we experiment on fluid forms, texts, our bodies and moving images; bodies disfigured, mutated, fluid that love each other. Whatever that means.

amplificate living/ vibrant matter

body signals/ enviorement signals

amplificate living/ vibrant matter : body signals/ enviorement signal

what you perceive is not the totality of what exists … This workshop is based on the use of devices that amplify a signal, whether this be from the body (galvanic skin response / human / plant), radio frequency or the earth
…. We will listen for distant signals from jupiter
do not panic with the circuits, it is just a way to facilitate understanding and to go towards technological autonomy (of body, mind and free environment


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