Why revolt in Turkey?

The spirit of this century seems to be one of mass struggles and highly confrontational demonstrations. Every morning, we wake up to hear about a huge protest in some distant part of the planet. It turns more and more difficult to follow what is going on here and there.

But why are all these people revolting all around the world?

One good answer is that they revolt for one and the same reason: Capitalism, nowadays more fashionably called neo-liberalism, has made it impossible to pursue happiness in any sense of the word (it’s not a very profitable concept anyway), and the time has come for the people to say “Enough is enough.”

An equally good answer is that they revolt for completely different reasons. For capitalism manifests itself in very different forms in different places.

This is not a theoretical text to analyze social movements around the world. We have a less ambitious goal: Give a taste of “Why revolt in Turkey?”

Why did people in Turkey revolt? What kind of reasons led to the uprising that inspired us all?

One year after Gezi protests, we will try to give concrete examples of the oppression that Turkish people have been experiencing… well, for some years, but we will focus on more recent developments.

This is also an open call. If you encounter a news item that you think everybody should know, send it to us. Or if you simply want to share your own anger with everyone, tell us more about it. Or if you have some other idea about our theme, just send us a message.

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December 27th, 2013. Istanbul. "Only revolution can wash away this filth."

December 27th, 2013. Istanbul. “Only revolution can wash away this filth.”

Articles and news items published within this theme:

How I was tortured on May Day – Umur Ozan (8 June 2014)

AKP talks about women. (12 June 2014)

At least 1235 workers died in 2013. (17 June 2014)

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