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Nov 02

The Origins of Religion

    Prelude   We aim at two issues with this article. First of all; we want to build up our discussion on why atheists should take communists seriously. We believe that a marxist explanation of concepts such as “human nature”, “morality”, “ethics” etc. would be inspiring in resolving the confusions that occasionally arise in atheist …

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Mar 17

An Introduction to Why Atheists Should Take Communists Seriously

  Introduction With this essay, we intend to extend the discussion initiated in a previous essay titled “An Introduction to Why Communists Should Take Atheists Seriously”. In that piece, we pointed out the convergent characteristics of atheists and communists (historical approach, revolutionary approach, militancy) and emphasized that freedom from religion aimed at by atheists can …

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Oct 23

Who needs our “needs”

Introduction There is a common misconception of the increasing energy demand and therefore an essential fallacy in energy policy discussions. We are asked by the right-wing politicians to believe that according to this and that economic parameters, we need nuclear plants and “clean” coal plants in order to avoid blackouts. On the other side, more …

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Aug 21

An introduction to why communists should take atheists seriously

Preliminary remarks   I should start by saying that, contrary to the historical development of the words1, I will use socialist and communist interchangeably to refer to a person who agrees that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles” and aims at the Aufhebung2 of private property of at …

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