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Muchas amigas juntikas haciendo proyectazos en linz en STWST48!! La maravillosa peña de Eleonore monta una residencia de verano de lujo pa presentarla a principios de septiembre.  Atxe, Taro, Xav, Martin House, Jonathan Kemp.. AAA QUE GOZADA! PEDAZO DE PROGRAMA!!

Convert yourself into E-waste, ferment yourself, chase honeybees for weather report, launch fungi to outerspace, send your mobile on a slow boat to China, set your electric sheep free range, grow your android plants, tune in to ghostradio, stream in the orchestra, piss off to compute, eat your data raw, read your pulse loud, make your own bed, make love to your tattoo, hand over your hangover, take a dip in the Danube, check into the underwater eel hotel, admits yourself to a world without compromise, a world in which dreams greet reality and technology is treated with great caution.

from Friday 4th of September 17:00 to Sunday 6th of September 17:00
Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, A-4040 Linz