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Arizona State University Police Command mistakenly uses “SACRIFICE” to describe policing at ASU…LMAO.


It was brought to our attention that ASU Police Command is now branding itself in the same light of those who make sacrifices in the line of duty. Of all the words that could be used to describe policing at the Arizona State University Police Department, especially the activities of the ASU Police Command, the word “SACRIFICE” is the last word that comes to mind. Consider this a mandatory online refresher course on the meaning of SACRIFICE.







While officers all over the nation make SACRIFICES, face real danger, are injured and killed in the line of duty, ASU Police command attempts to steal some of that honor in it’s ongoing push to reinvent itself. While troops have been overseas for 15 years making sacrifices, facing death, catastrophic injury, mental breakdown, deprivation, isolation, ASU Police command attempts to piggy-back on the legacy of SACRIFICE through service.

When you understand what constitutes service at the Arizona State University and the systemic legacy of no integrity standards for connected people within the agency this moniker they have bestowed upon themselves is quite disgusting, inappropriate, and based on nothing but a desire to appear to have a legitimacy that was never there, a legitimacy continually undermined by the very same people claiming to have it.

Pushing paperwork, fabricating retention IA’s on employees, playing favorites in every promotion process, running a never-ending staffing shortage, and doing 10-39’s may qualify for a service, but it most assuredly does not rise to the level of SACRIFICE. If anyone in the Arizona State Police Department is undergoing a SACRIFICE, it’s the people who have to work for these assholes.

Merry Christmas to all of those men and women in uniform, police and military,

who truly are making SACRIFICES!