Congratulations to AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich! How many universities get sued by their state attorney general’s offices?

Seriously, when does this ever happen? Something must be seriously wrong with the management of the Arizona State University when the state’s Attorney General’s Office is suing them! ASU management will simply throw other people’s money at the problem in hopes it will go away and they will be free to conduct business as usual, just as they did with the 8 police officers who were suing them. We are hoping for a release of some of that information and their evidence to us, so that it can be published. Send it and it will be!

Apparently, times are changing. Hats off the The Arizona Attorney General’s Office for taking this initiative, but we will see if they have what it takes to follow through on behalf of the citizens of Arizona getting stiffed by it’s representatives in State University Government. Is it really any surprise? Our prediction is that corruption will win the day and this will all go away. Why?

ASU has a network of current and former state legislators tied to it in quid pro quo financial exchanges for legislative influence. Is it any wonder that HARVARD commissioned a study finding ARIZONA the MOST CORRUPT STATE IN THE US in a virtual tie with New Jersey.  (Further exploration of this issue will be reserved for another article.)

Typically, we cover the corruption systemic within the Arizona State University Police Department, but there have been some interesting developments lately. Employees of ASUPD have been wondering for decades…how can a top heavy, grossly mismanaged, hobbled, chronically & perennially understaffed police department continue to fail year after year?  Enabling. The ASUPD is enabled, expected to be a show of legitimacy without the staffing, training, experience, equipment, and especially the leadership to take it there. Active law enforcement catches real criminals committing real crimes and raises crime statistics, which are a source of bad publicity for ASU because it impacts enrollment $$$. Students are literally endangered and killed year after year because of stat manipulation, propaganda, and misinformation that could have allowed their families to make an informed decision about where their kids would go to school.

The fact is Michael Crow and friends can laud attendance or more money coming in all they want, they compare ASU to Harvard, which it’s not. Harvard understands corruption and they are managed with people  who have sense enough not to become the subject of those studies. More money is coming from kids with less and less means to pay back the loans in what’s now a king’s ransom to go to school.

If Attorney General Mark Brnovich and other responsible Arizona leaders are serious they will dig further into what the Arizona State University does with it’s money and CONDUCT A FULL FORENSIC AUDIT. With corruption as common as it is in Arizona, they’ll surely find something worthwhile. (Consider this a draft. More contributions will be coming, we are still dealing with a back log of information and requests from people still at the department, nothing has changed.)

And one more time, for recollection: ASU POLICE MANAGEMENT, Cmdr. William Orr present.



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21 thoughts on “Congratulations to AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich! How many universities get sued by their state attorney general’s offices?

  1. ThySummons says:

    Hopefully the real crimes and mismanagement committed by some university higher-ups, to include the infamous Arizona State University police command staff, will be revealed one day.

    • MrMumbleTpegs says:

      The people who have information about what’s taken place should be reaching out to the Arizona Attorney general to help this fight in any way they can.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      All the AG has to do is look at this blog and research some of the allegations made. Instant leverage.

  2. Embudo says:

    Corruption breeds corruption, folks!

  3. DL500unit says:

    Attorney General Mark Brnovich is now the new Captain America. He’s taking a real stand for the people of these state spending 4000.00 to squeeze in a class or paying exorbitant fees for things they never use. Yes, you are correct, they do need a full audit to find out where those dollars are going. If the AG wants to be successful here that’s the route to go, follow the money. He also needs support in the AZ legislature to reform the university system and unchecked abuses against the tax payers of Arizona.

  4. DMackman says:

    LMFAO, that’s the first time I saw those range photos!!! So professional! I bet nothing was done about them, some people here could literally get away with murder.

    • Embudo says:

      Nothing as far as I know was ever done to these individuals. The infamous range photos were brought to the attention of ASU’s top HR man, Kevin Salcido, after they went viral. Salcido related his displeasure with the range photos with then-Chief John Pickens. Supposedly an IA was conducted but I don’t recall seeing any documentation, etc,. stating these individuals were on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. And who would’ve conducted the investigation? One of the individuals in the range photos? Perhaps the alleged photographer, Sgt. Pam Osborne? Imagine what they would’ve done to a non-clique employee that posed in duty uniform in an unprofessional and sexually suggestive manner? The individuals in the range photos are: Cmdr. William Orr, Sgt. Phil Osborne, then-Sgt. Mark Aston and then-Sgt. Mark Janda.

    • ComeOnNow4real says:

      Yeah, these douschebags have been up on the blog for awhile. Nothing was done about the 1001 policy violations that occurred with them either. If you’re new to ASUPD you’ll soon find there are some serious double standards that mock the most basic standards of law enforcement.

    • JustTheFacts says:

      The asshole firearms gang? They could burn a building down, nothing would happen. The one grabbing his genitals got the university sued for grossly mishandling a rape case, cost them millions, but he’s still here! How many people would get that treatment?

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      Those photos have been up here for 3 years? Nothing new and no responsibility for the people in them or the person who took them and shared the photos. For the love of god, ASUPD will do a series of IA’s on people for minor time card mistakes, but not this. Everyone knows it was Pam Osborne at the range that day taking the photos.

      These are all protected employees and nothing they do is a problem despite embarrassing the department, the university, and all other Arizona police departments who witnessed another lowering of the bar for integrity and ethics in this noble profession.

  5. ComeOnNow4real says:

    Impressive story. Hopefully he follows through, doesn’t give up, doesn’t cave into the political ties the ASU administration has in this corrupt state.

  6. BurningheapofFail says:

    Four points:

    1. Don’t let up on fighting them here. I have heard how the blog drives them nuts. The public deserves the truth and they’re trying like hell to keep a lid on it.

    2. The AZ attorney general is a definite hero if he doesn’t relent against these greedy self righteous fucks.

    3. The range photos highlight the fact that some people over at ASSUPD get a free pass to take a giant shit on the honor, ethics, and professionalism of being a sworn police officer.

    4. Thank you for exposing them. I see it in their uneasy faces, they know.

    • Embudo says:

      Yep, the blog really drives them (the university leadership and ASU PD command) nuts. Not long ago command had the Arizona Department of Public Safety conduct a criminal investigation into the blog. The university and ASU PD were desperately attempting to shut down the blog and prosecute or punish whomever was affiliated with the blog. The whole investigation was a farce and made the AZ DPS investigators look like hired thugs.

      Nice job President Michael Crow, Dr. Morgan Olsen and Chief Michael Thompson! The Integrity Report blog exists because it “speaks” the truth and exposes the real corruption within the Arizona State University and its police department.

      Best of luck to our state’s attorney general in holding ABOR and the fat cats at the universities fully accountable for how they spend our hard-earned tax dollars.

    • JustTheFacts says:

      The blog has been a catalyst for change to some degree despite the University administration having absolutely no concern for improving how the police department is managed. The blog needs to publish more frequently, keep the publicity war going. They would if they knew how many people secretly tune in and talk about what’s published here. If you guys need more information shoot me an email. We’ve been talking on duty, but mostly in private, about what’s here for some time.

  7. popo39machine says:

    He’s going to get my vote on reelection. There’s no doubt abut it. You simply can’t find a bigger middle fInger the fly in front of Michael Crow’s chubby face about an issue affecting so many struggling families.

  8. JustTheFacts says:

    WAY TO GO AZ ATTORNEY GENERAL MARK BRNOVICH! The troops love what you’re doing, keep fighting the good fight.

  9. yurhuckleberry says:

    If a 370% increase in costs to students and their families doesn’t say these people are crooked, then nothing will. How can they seriously justify this garbage? They can’t. Crow can talk about financial aide and poor students attending more than ever, but that’s just more mud in the water to distract from the fact that the 370% increase in cost since he took over i unjust, irresponsible, immoral, and according to the Arizona State constitution it is unconstitutional as well. Will the courts run interference for these crooks? We will have to see. They did it before in a prior lawsuit filed by a group of students.

  10. PCjinks says:


    The people of Arizona are depending on you.

    Citizen / police officer

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