The Word is Out on the Greed and Mismanagement of the Arizona State University Administration, ABOR, and the numbers don’t lie…

Don’t trust lying bureaucrat fat cats, check the facts for yourself. Go to an inflation rate calculator online and check the inflation on ONE U.S. dollar from January 2002 when Michael Crow became the university president and compare to January 2017. One dollar ($1.00) in 2002 equates to ($1.37) in 2017. That’s a 37% increase, not a 370% increase, an increase to students that is 333% more than the steadily rising rate of inflation. 

Click picture below for details:

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sues Regents over outrageous tuition costs [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich discusses his lawsuit with Dennis Welch]

[WATCH RAW VIDEO: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announces lawsuit against Board of Regents]

[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich discusses his lawsuit with Dennis Welch]

Tuition is up 300-plus percent since ’02

The word is out on the greed and mismanagement of the Arizona State University Administration, ABOR, and the numbers don’t lie…


Laurie Roberts: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says the Regents have “dramatically and unconstitutionally” nearly quadrupled tuition over the last 15 years.

Yet Arizona State University President Michael Crow has the stupidity to lie and say, “I can say with confidence that ASU today is delivering great value to students from Arizona at a cost of tuition as close to free as possible.” What a lying sack of shit.

[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich discusses his lawsuit with Dennis Welch]

[WATCH RAW VIDEO: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announces lawsuit against Board of Regents]

  Tuition is up 300-plus percent since ’02 (We believe the actual costs are higher, at 370%, but Crow will say everyone gets nearly all their costs met via financial aid. Maybe he thinks a loan and % interest is financial aid?)

Below copy courtesy of the AZ Republic.

Commence the hallelujahs. At long last, somebody’s taking on the Arizona Board of Regents over the outrageously high cost of tuition at Arizona’s three universities.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich on Friday sued the Regents, saying they have “dramatically and unconstitutionally” increased tuition and fees by up to 370 percent over the last 15 years.

The lawsuit says the Board of Regents has “abandoned its duty to serve as a check on the university presidents” and allowed an “unprecedented series of lockstep tuition hikes” that violate the state’s constitutional mandate to keep college “as nearly free as possible.”

“ABOR has raised the base tuition and fees for in-state students … at approximately nine to 10 times the rate of inflation and approximately 12 to 13 times the rate of increase of median family income over the period covering the last 15 years,” the lawsuit says.

That’s going to leave a mark.

Brnovich also is challenging the Regents’ decision to continue offering in-state tuition to qualified undocumented students. The state Court of Appeals in June ruled that those in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program don’t have “lawful immigration status” and thus don’t qualify for in-state tuition.

It’s no surprise that Brnovich sued over tuition subsidies for dreamers. If he hadn’t, former Senate President Russell Pearce and Judicial Watch would have sued on Monday – collecting hefty legal fees when they inevitably prevail. (Or do we think that any court would say it’s OK to ignore the unanimous ruling of the Court of Appeals, in hopes that the Supreme Court might eventually overturn it?)

The shocker – and a pleasant one, at that – was Brnovich challenging the Regents over the overall runaway cost of tuition. The Republican AG is pulling no punches.

He notes that the cost of attending an Arizona university was about $2,600 a year in 2002-03. This year, it’s $12,228 at University of Arizona (a 370 percent increase), $11,059 at Northern Arizona University (a 325 percent increase) and $10,792 at Arizona State University (a 315 percent increase).

“This annualized 12 percent rate of growth has doubled in-state tuition and fees over the past eight years and represents the second fastest rate of growth among all 50 states,” the lawsuit says.

Don’t buy ‘lawmakers forced us’ excuse

No doubt, universities will blame the state Legislature for the need to massively hike tuition. Indeed, the Legislature has slashed per-student state funding for universities by 63 percent over the last 10 years, according to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee. But in that same time, the Regents have increased tuition and mandatory fees by 90 percent (at ASU) to 121 percent (at U of A).

So, not buying that excuse. And neither is Brnovich. (And neither should you.)

In addition to massive tuition increases, Brnovich slams the Regents on multiple other fronts, saying they are breaking the law …

… By forcing students to pay fees for such things such as athletics, technology, recreation and health in order to take classes.

… By charging part-time and online students more than the cost of furnishing instruction.

… By failing in their legal responsibility to ‘differentiate the tuitions and fees between institutions.”

How is this ‘nearly free as possible?’

“The fact that all three institutions’ tuition was hiked in lockstep over a 15-year period … means that ABOR acted to prevent any meaningful competition based on price,” the lawsuit says.

This isn’t the first time the Regents have been sued for attaching tuition bills to a rocket and sending them skyward. Four U of A students sued in 2003, after the Regents hiked tuition by 39 percent. But the students lost, with the Supreme Court calling the setting of tuition a political question.

Now, 15 years later, the courts are once again being asked to stop the Regents’ end run around the Constitution.

Or does the near quadrupling of tuition over 15 years – outstripping the growth of family income 12 to 13 times over – now count as a college education that is “as nearly free as possible?” 


Russell Pearce piles on dreamers with lawsuit threat

Ducey ally calls for education tax increase. Breathe, governor

School voucher vote is a go. You listening, Ducey?

In an internet search we stumbled across these articles on happenings at the university.

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March 6, 2008: Disputed scholarships for illegals revived

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Sept. 8, 2007:  ASU’s Michael Crow subverts intent of law

Arizona State University President Michael Crow runs to TWITTER to unsuccessfully to defend his absurd position to justify a 370% increase in costs for students during his tenure.

Click on the Twitter picture below to see Michael Crow’s unsuccessful attempt to excuse a 370% cost increase for students.


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12 thoughts on “The Word is Out on the Greed and Mismanagement of the Arizona State University Administration, ABOR, and the numbers don’t lie…

  1. DL500unit says:

    It’s good to see other people looking into the naked greed and graft monster that ABOR created. It’s almost comical watching Michael Crow dance around the facts and put spin on the numbers as if people can’t do the simple math. It’s not quite comical because our nation faces a student loan bubble that could reset the economy and people are defaulting because these, “Ivory Tower eggheads” are willing to throw 1000’s, millions, in debt for life to support their lifestyle.

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      It’s funny watching Crow shit himself with a myriad of lies and excuses. Nobody is buying that bullshit.

  2. DMackman says:

    Well it’s about time you guys came back, still plenty of problems in the department, still can’t staff the shifts. Write up an article on this fiasco. If we had adequate staffing this wouldn’t be so tempting for the robbers to operate without any problems. They’ll be back and get away again. Hopefully nobody gets shot! It’s hard to study when you get shot at your university.

    google 3 asu students robbed at gunpoint also google ASUPD, you still come up number 5 after all the inactivity. lol

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    It’s about time someone holds these self-serving, do-whatever-they-want executives accountable.
    Thank you, Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

  4. MrMumbleTpegs says:

    It’s time for those egghead goofballs to stop stuffing their pockets, patting each other on the back and fleecing more money out of people who can’t afford it.

    They don’t care and they have the Sham Wow, Scam now sales representative, Michael Crow, playing a con game of words trying to spin everything and lie in the university’s favor. Shame on him.

    A 300 percent, 370 percent, whatever it is it’s shamefully 10 times the rate of inflation. Crow should be embarrassed.

  5. DontLOLmeJP says:

    Crow is probably getting advice from criminal defense attorneys right now. Corruption often involves money as an incentive and the University has found plenty of ways to hide it, comingle funds, and just like all the excuse making being done about 300+% tuition increases, they make excuses about where that money goes.

  6. ComeOnNow4real says:

    The AG is going to need some serious resources to go after the crooked bozos running the Arizona State University. He’s going to need the feds!

  7. BurningheapofFail says:

    The AG will find a lot more wrong going on inside the Arizona State University if he’s willing to dig and get to the bottom of it.

  8. popo39machine says:

    Why have prices to go to school at ASU skyrocketed? Why are they comparing a TIER ONE PARTY RESEARCH SCHOOL prices to private university pricing?!?

    When you have a 80% acceptance rate it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. They ignore the stats of underperforming students never finishing degrees. The university administration want to live the lifestyle of their ivy league counterparts.

    It’s time to spend more money on public relations and spin doctors to manicure the false image of value into being while them and their buddies fleece the place.

    It’s long overdue for someone to take notice and take action for the public’s well being.

  9. yurhuckleberry says:

    I have a lot of hope Mark Brnovich will look into more than just the tuition costs. He’s going to need the leverage and he better believe the Fulton Center at ASU are calling all their political favors in to put pressure on him to stop doing the right thing. He needs allies in his fight against public corruption.

  10. PCjinks says:

    ABOR needs a guy like this to set them straight. He needs accountants to examine what’s being done with the money. Supposedly ASU has been picking up the tab for private security working at private apartment housing in Tempe.

  11. Seguridad perdido says:

    What if this is just a political stunt that knows there will be no beneficial conclusion for the tax payers? We will have to wait and see.

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