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Welcome to TheIntegrityReport, a site dedicated to an open and honest dialog between Arizona State University Police Department employees (current/former), students, and the public about dishonesty, corruption…and everything in between. We are comprised of an anonymous coalition of people associated with the ASU Police Department.

Our goal is to shine the light of integrity onto the ASU Police Department, so those that bring dishonor to an honorable profession may be held liable. We aim to keep the content of the posts as professional and factual as possible, in the interest of eliminating personal bias. We welcome any and all opinions, including those that differ from our own.

Please note: We are NOT responsible for comments made in the “comments section” of each post. We moderate the comments only when they are extremely vulgar, inflammatory, off-topic,or spam. We want EVERYONE to be able to express their point of view.

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  1. X-P.A. says:

    No matter what is said here.. ASU POLICE will still conduct their daily routines without looking into any of the allegations. ASU POLICE will not discipline any of the names noted from this blog. The chosen ones will continue to be promoted, that hard working ones will continue to be overlooked for promotions, the PA’s will eventually become sworn only to Fail FTO or be reassigned back to PA status with law enforcement certificates, 1% will actually pass FTO as they were given a real chance or they were liked by their Sergeants prior to the Academy, failed FTO officers will look into other agencies and have a successful career where there is a higher risk to life as apposed to 8 months of students and 4 months of false alarms and the occasional copper thieves.. Some will change their careers from law enforcement as Sgt’s will flood their files with letters that got them terminated, contradict actuality, find them intimidating, or flat out have personal grudges about them( don’t like them or they don’t fit in the cliques) so they can’t get hired as an officer elsewhere.

    It’s a shame that HR picks and chooses who to help, turns their heads on investigating allegations or complaints. If DPS or Tempe PD were to come in and file an investigation on what is at hand, the 8ball effect would take jobs away from those who have interrupted the lives of many careers. Those officers who are in a place of supervision and were chosen not on integrity or merit would seek other agencies for work or find retirement a good idea. If any Agency that reads this integrity report has any of the listed names on lateral applications, beware of the cancer that will infect your department.

    As mentioned above.. The ones that are “the chosen” officers will never be reprimanded, their files stay spotless, and they keep getting promoted. The department will still add miles to the police cars that should be sold, but are driven and unsafe to drive. It’s cheaper to repair than replace. As if it would be asking too much to provide officers with vehicles that would be safe to them and the civilians/students they transport. With the growing occurances involving students that feel the need to commit high threat crimes(ie: shootings on campuses) it’s sad to say that officers would have to go back to the station to get the appropriate weapons versus having those weapons accessible in their mobile offices(cars/SUV/trucks) to stop the threat. Seriously how accurate is a .45 or a shotgun at 40 yards away..?? Something to think about..

    There are about a few dozen of honest hard working officers that work for ASU PD as well as Police Aides that are willing to risk, assist, and provide service to anyone and everyone who steps foot on any if the campuses.. To those that continue to provide service to ASU.. Thank you for your service, while the ones who feel they are above the law or need to ruin careers for personal gain, continue what your doing, burning bridges with faculty, civilians, students, board members, boosters, parents, families and the employees that are planning a so long farewell party when you either quit, resign, retire or get terminated .

    • Embudo says:

      X-P.A., the above is a well-written piece on the ASU PD. You truly encapsulate the ASU PD in four-insightful paragraphs.

      Despite the removal of Pickens, the ASU PD has a long way to go before it is operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

      It has been disheartening that the university’s leadership has basically turned a blind eye to the allegations of maltreatment of some ASU PD employees by their supervisors.

      This leads this poster to conclude that cultural reform needs to start from within the university’s leadership, which has allowed the ASU PD’s leadership to operate over the years unsupervised and unchecked to the detriment of many employees’ well-being.

      The endgame is to bring positive and everlasting change to the ASU PD through accountability.

    • Embudo says:

      Mark Janda, grabbing his privates in the now-infamous firing range photo, was recently promoted by the ASU PD leadership to interim sergeant.

      How does someone that disgraces the ASU PD and university by posing in such an inappropriate sexual manner, in duty attire, along with his range buddies, Commander Bill Orr, Sergeant Mark Aston and Sergeant Phil Osborne, land up getting promoted?

      What if this had been another group of employees posing inappropriately in duty attire that were not part of the ASU PD’s so-called clique? They would have nailed those employees to the wall with a full-blown and well-publicized IA investigation for bringing discredit and shame to the ASU PD and university.

      Make no mistake, the double standards within the ASU PD are alive and flourishing, despite the removal of John Pickens and Jim Hardina.

      Maybe someone should be asking Chief Mike Thompson about the double standards that continue under his watch.

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