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After 7 months of WAFFLING, 7 months of unsuccessful shopping for a dissenting opinion, Arizona State University under Michael Crow throws ASUPD Officer Ferrin under the bus after every official entity clears him.





Content submitted by a guest writer who would like to remain anonymous.

On Thursday January 8th the majority of employees at the Arizona State University Police Department found out one of their own was being terminated by… their chief of police Michael Thompson? No. Were they told by his bosses Morgan Olsen, Kevin Salcido, Michael Crow, or any random dean that wants to boss a police chief around? No. Employees found out when the Arizona Republic ran an article about it because they knew prior to the employees of ASUPD. Employees of a state police department find out more about their department from the local news than their anti-transparent mismanagement team. Way to go!




We knew this was coming months ago, but now it’s official. We have been hearing for months how ASUPD command was on a new fault finding expedition, pouring through Officer Stewart Ferrin’s personnel file, opening new internal affairs complaints, and producing disciplinary paper in his absence. Yes…we know, and there’s so much more. The Arizona State University clears Officer Ferrin, the ASUPD clears him, but then the media blitz happens.

The ever compensating Michael Crow clown school at the Fulton center panics, gets cold feet, and waffles hard left on their previous decision.  The Maricopa County attorney, the AZ courts, and the FBI, all clear Officer Ferrin. Whatever your opinion is on this issue, those are the facts. As usual the public university, with a fist full of public dollars, will attempt to spend its way out a problem they invented despite being told by every state and federal entity there’s no case against Officer Ferrin and he did nothing wrong. How do you know if you are running with a fringe agenda? The sign on the door says push, but you keep pulling, it doesn’t open and you keep pulling. No matter what you hear, what you know, you keep pulling for your agenda.

You know what people think of you by the way you’re treated. It’s nothing new; the administration of this university does not care about public safety, its police department, and especially the low on the totem pole officers on patrol for this university. We get bullied by any dean that takes the time to bother, we get passed up for raises other officers have received for years, our department patrol numbers have remained nearly stagnant for a decade as the university balloons beyond comparison.

Time and time again we hire and fail to retain employees with very few making it to retirement. Our chief can’t even demote employees, fire employees, nor do anything to effectively run the department without explicit approval from ASU Human resources and ASU university administration.  I would like to tell you that lessons will be learned by the people making these decisions, but you know better. They have a theoretical thesis to support no matter what the evidence of reality supports.

Could both sides have been more courteous? Yes.  Only one was resisting a lawful arrest, only one kicked and assaulted the other, and it’s not the University employee they are attempting to fire. That’s the university employee they are keeping. Is Officer Stuart Ferrin the target of neo-racism, academic elitism, a fringe agenda, wafflehouse pussies, or all of the above? The writing is on the wall.

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