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Stoned yet again

We are used to the clumsy and inconsiderate attitude of the mismanagement at Kingston, but Simon Stoned, the new “head” (really a well paid contractor) of HR has gone one better. According to reliable reports, Simple Simon managed to park … Continue reading

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Revival of the drowned rat

So our erstwhile sacked (oops – disagreement with the BoG) VC, El Presidente (well paid sinecure) becomes head of Ofsted. Must be all that schools experience he had. Er …. Parents of school age children beware.

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Now we are Three

Three years have passed since this blog published its first post. During that time Kingston University has lost a few thousand students, many good members of staff, and a VC. Well at least one of those losses is a good … Continue reading

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When managers behave like 5-year olds

What does a child in the playground do when caught being naughty? Often they deny everything, even if caught red-handed. There is a kind of person who somehow never manages to grow up, the state of permanent adolescence. We see … Continue reading

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Where the hell are we going?

It’s nearly four months since Plan2020 was announced and no one is really sure what is going on, other than we can expect staff, departments and courses to be cut, reassigned, closed, or some combination of these. Staff consultation? There … Continue reading

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