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More Consulmania

The KU consultation farce continues. Vice-Commander Steven ‘Polyversity’ Spier has become obsessed in recent times with forcing big changes on the University by using the ‘consultation’ as a tool of top-down management. As we have said before, the tin-plated Admiral … Continue reading

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Keeping the ‘Con’ in Consultation

Here we go again. Vice-Admiral Steven ‘Polyversity’ Spier’s bonfire of courses and services at Kingston University rolls on with yet more ‘consultations’, the latest one being an IT Service Delivery consultation. It is all part of what the VC has … Continue reading

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Kingston ‘leading the way’ in BS

Looking like he had just wandered in from a Bram Stoker novel, Kingston’s Vice-Admiral and self-proclaimed ‘Gold Commander’, Steven ‘Poly-Uni’ Spier – ever desperate to spin some good news – announced on 9 June that the University was spearheading what … Continue reading

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Undecision, unleadership and contempt

This blog has touched from time to time on the qualities of leadership. Many would agree that, whatever particular attributes a leader should have, there are few in management jobs, especially senior positions, who possesses them. From big corporations and … Continue reading

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