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Stoned again

Another resignation from HR, this time the boss himself, Dean Morleys-Ghost. Either he was pained at the treatment the management required him to mete out to staff (unlikely), or he saw a lot of work coming up as the mismanagement’s … Continue reading

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New Music course – check it out

Yo, lissen up dudes. Me is da new MC in da tunes dept, wot is officially called Musak. Me name is Prof Phil S Tine. Just call me Da Prof. Yous is finkin, wot happened to the well fit previous … Continue reading

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Sshhhh, it’s the staff survey

Published without fanfare or the usual Staffspace banner, the staff survey is finally out. Grim reading it is too — for the senior mismanagers. Even they can find little to spin from these predictably terrible results. The only good news … Continue reading

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Plan 2525

In the Plan 2525 If Maths is still alive If Music can survive They may find In the Plan 3535 Teaching staff can only sigh Everything you teach, do or say Is forgotten the next day In the Plan 4545 … Continue reading

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