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Laughing stock

Amazing what you hear in a lift, and KU’s Dear Leader will not be best pleased. According to coffee-break gossip across parts of Uni admin, somebody heard two members of the Senior Leadership Team (who’ll remain nameless for now, to … Continue reading

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KU Clerihew 10

Colin Rhodes As everybody knows Spent to0 much time without his strides on Now he’s gone

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Open letter to the Chair of Governors

Dear David Edmonds CBE, Chairman of the Board of Governors We hope you are sitting comfortably at home, [address withheld] London SW20. (Your address? Steven Spier’s office is leakier than an NHS urine bottle these days.) You may not read … Continue reading

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You said … we said piss off

You always know when an organisation has already decided to change something – when it announces a staff ‘consultation’. It sounds democratic, of course: ‘look at us – we are consulting our staff – aren’t we kind’. As business lecturers … Continue reading

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The Kingston School of Art of Management

Two bits of hot gossip direct from the crisis frontline. Longtime admin staff who have become completely fed up say SLT managers spend too much time slagging each other off outside meetings, sometimes even within earshot of more junior staff. … Continue reading

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Joseph Heller’s ‘unfilmable’ novel, Catch-22, is being serialised on television at the moment. As you will probably know, it is a war story about the absurdities imposed on airmen by deranged commanders. The catch-22 is the cruel inverted logic that … Continue reading

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