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Greetings pop-pickers, the new chart is out

The Guardian league tables for 2019 are out, reach for the bottle. Is it champagne or gin for Kingston? After a few years of shifting up and down a few places, KU finds itself 23 places higher and the SMT … Continue reading

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Kingston wins Guardian HE raffle

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Seeking Dissenter

They seek her here, they seek her there In FASS and SEC, Health, Social Care Stoney wants to break her so he’ll hunt her without rest Cause he hates dedicated bloggers with a passion And when she pokes her little … Continue reading

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BANNED — by order of the Management

One defining characteristic of autocratic systems throughout history, government and corporate, is the response to dissent of any kind. It is not to be tolerated, it is to be crushed, threatened, bullied, sanctioned, its perpetrators punished unreasonably. In contrast a … Continue reading

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The Cleverly Brothers

Introducing the Cleverly Brothers, a duo of bright sparks hired by the poptastic Music Department at Kingston. Here is their new smash hit. It’s the only harmony you’ll get at KU. Bye bye FASS Bye bye History Hello apostasy We … Continue reading

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Yet another SMT vacancy

Primary Practice Group: Higher Education, Bluster and Bullying Salary & Benefits: Huge Closing Date: 01/05/2018 Kingston University is the largest higher education provider in south-west London, or at least it was, with an annual income of around £200 million (at … Continue reading

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