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Woodsy comes to Kingston

WOAAAHHHHHHH YES. Woodsy here, fresh back from a bangin Winter Olympics, the sickest thing I’ve ever done, even if I spent too much time on my double backside three-sixty. Ouch! So here I am in Kingston and I’m stoked! Top … Continue reading

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Verse from an HR fan

David Walsh of HR, Corrupt like a pirate! Arr! Arr! He breaks procedure and policy, Like a giant toddler who goes pee pee, All over your head. Working for Kingston, You’d wish you were dead.

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Snow money

Thoughtful of the University to put up information on its websites about the weather, even if it only tells us the weather is bad. Yep, we got that. And yet more thoughtful to offer a premium rate number so students … Continue reading

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Pension strike

Anyone watching the news yesterday will have seen the unusual sight of a substantial number of university lecturers on strike. The proposal to change the USS pension scheme from a decent one (despite the ravages of recent years) into a … Continue reading

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KU Clerihew 5

Nona McDuff Decided she’d had enough Of EDI: her boast to have closed the BME attainment gap Turned out to be crap.

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Up the HR – being an occasional message from the new boss

Oi! You wiv the ’air on. Pay attenshun, oi’m talkin’ ter you. Soimon ’ere, butchoo can call me The Guvner. Oi woz wanderin’ rahnd River ’ahse the ovver day when oi bumps inta the top man (though that’s really me … Continue reading

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