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My achievements in 2023-24: A special message from your Commandant

Another day, another leak: Dissenter has been given the original draft of the latest piece of Spier-spin and, in the interests of transparency, the text is reproduced below. From: Gold Commandant and Vice-Clown Professor ‘Two Jobs’ Spier, Supreme Leader, Kingston … Continue reading

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Another rat leaves the sinking ship: ‘Mack the Knife’ is retiring

Whatever will the Gold Commandant do now? In a short news item quietly slipped out on the Uni website it has been revealed that Dave ‘Mack the Knife’ Mackintosh, the oldest man in the University, if not the Universe, has … Continue reading

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Kingston Uni pioneers new cheese-roll culture

Feeling peckish? Hungry after a lecture? In need of a meal? As well as its Clown House and Future Ill’s programme, Kingston University is pioneering another ‘sector-leading’ strategy to make its rivals blue and green with envy: quick-bite cheese rolls … Continue reading

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Ten years old

Ten years ago today (16th April 2014) the first two posts appeared on Dissenter’s Blog. Who would have expected it to lasted so long? The anonymous originators of the Blog have long moved on to, one trusts, better things, along … Continue reading

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The Axeman Cometh Again

To axe or not to axe? To spear or spare? Is Spier about to do a ‘University of Kent’ style hit-job and ruthlessly spear Philosophy staff and their subject specialism, or will he spare them? If there is one thing … Continue reading

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The brutality of stupidity

If you ever wanted to see a synthesis of the ideas expressed in the fiction of Kafka and Orwell, you need look no further than the Post Office and this government. Kafka’s protagonists, accused of non-existent crimes by a brutal … Continue reading

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