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The Kingston School of Art of Management

Two bits of hot gossip direct from the crisis frontline. Longtime admin staff who have become completely fed up say SLT managers spend too much time slagging each other off outside meetings, sometimes even within earshot of more junior staff. … Continue reading

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Joseph Heller’s ‘unfilmable’ novel, Catch-22, is being serialised on television at the moment. As you will probably know, it is a war story about the absurdities imposed on airmen by deranged commanders. The catch-22 is the cruel inverted logic that … Continue reading

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Further shenanigans at senior level

Files mislaid in a meeting room by a Human Resources Manager reveal a conversation from the vice chancellor’s office indicating that Colin Rhodes, head of the art school, may be called in to account for alleged serious misconduct. This places … Continue reading

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Kingston chooses its role models – unwisely

In 2018 at the Rose Theatre KU awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters to an American billionaire, Vernon Hill, and his dog ‘Duffy’. Uni managers milked a great deal of publicity out of how this innovative ‘banking hero’ was a … Continue reading

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Post on Mismanagement in the Department of Politics

Following a petition from several member of the Politics dept, the blog has decided to take most of the post down. The principle accusation of the contribution, presumably from a member of the department, is that the Head and the … Continue reading

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Benefit to BAME, or lame VC?

The VC is desperate to find a feather in Kingston’s mortar board as he mismanages our decline. Taking a previous VC as a guide, Spier has followed the last incumbent but one Peter Scott’s example by writing in The Guardian. … Continue reading

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