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KU Clerihew 5

Nona McDuff Decided she’d had enough Of EDI: her boast to have closed the BME attainment gap Turned out to be crap.

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Up the HR – being an occasional message from the new boss

Oi! You wiv the ’air on. Pay attenshun, oi’m talkin’ ter you. Soimon ’ere, butchoo can call me The Guvner. Oi woz wanderin’ rahnd River ’ahse the ovver day when oi bumps inta the top man (though that’s really me … Continue reading

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KU Clerihew 4

Martin McQuillan Kingston’s pantomime villain Turned bully any time Someone drew attention to his crime

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Duff evidence

The undervaluing of academic staff — not to mention all the ancillary staff — at Kingston shows up in many ways. There are now too few support staff to ensure the smooth running of important infrastructure like IT, or even … Continue reading

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KU Clerihew 3

Clarissa Wilks Dressed in imitation silks Won no national award For her dashboard.

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KU Clerihew 2

Dave ‘Plastic’ Mackintosh Talks a lot of tosh; Backed Weinberg, though deranged, Until the wind changed.

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