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Message from the bogs

A rare visitation descended upon our inboxes last Tuesday — a message from the gods. Well, the Board of Governors, who do tend to behave in mysterious ways. In their wisdom they have made our Chief Architect Spier the permanent … Continue reading

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Universitas adminstratoris

It’s perhaps as well that Kingston has no Classics department, or the grammar of the above title might be challenged by a Latin scholar. For those whose grasp of Latin is on a par with Dissenter’s, the contention is that … Continue reading

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Changes to the management

Readers of the Pollyanna missives on staffspace will have noticed that there are a couple of personnel (resource?) changes to the senior mismanagement. Hilton, the University Secretary, whatever that may be, is going after two and bit years. Most of … Continue reading

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For believers in the status quo

By the fantastic rockers Too Scared to Rock the Boat. Sing along to the link below. When I’m at work all day I’ll go to a meeting We’re under review our jobs are at risk may get the sack Teaching’s … Continue reading

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