Message from the bogs

A rare visitation descended upon our inboxes last Tuesday — a message from the gods. Well, the Board of Governors, who do tend to behave in mysterious ways. In their wisdom they have made our Chief Architect Spier the permanent VC, following “rigorous selection”. Not that the missive could easily be inscribed upon a tablet of stone. The windy managementese would be more suited to a scroll of BoG roll (geddit). Apparently Spier impressed their lordships with his “strengthening of the student experience” (eh?) and “streamlining its professional and support services”. That’s cuts to you and me. Bearing in mind that they allowed Clueless Julius to run amok for six years, one questions the BoG’s judgement in these matters, while they prepare themselves for any number of nice little well paid non-exec numbers in future. It’s great to be a director.

Still, look on the bright side; well, try anyway. If not our Swiss big cheese, then probably some other psycho with an axe to grind on the heads of the long-suffering Kingston staff. And, let us not forget, Swiss Steve is supposed to recognise the failings of the leadership, and that staff are not so bad as the SMT likes to think. Trouble is we really have yet to see any concrete evidence of this. Perhaps the BoGs themselves could issue a commandment from Sinai: Thou shalt not shit on thy staff.

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