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The staff deficit model is dead. Long live the staff deficit model.

Once the shortstuff architect of KU’s disaster was removed, mollifying sounds issued from the SMT — well, from Dave ‘Plastic’ Mack anyway — to the effect that Kingston would no longer hold the academic staff responsible for Kingston University’s plight, … Continue reading

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Introducing The KINGSTONS

Introducing THE KINGSTONS, an exciting new band based at Coolhurst, playing their brand new single, Ronnie. It’s gonna be a smash hit. They’ll be humming it along the corridors of the Business School. The Kingstons are: Scratching and purloining — … Continue reading

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New thinking from the SMT

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The tyranny of student feedback

Early module feedback has just been collected and no doubt management will seize this as another heavy stick to beat the teaching staff, already shattered by the goings on of the last few years. Whatever the results for individual lecturers, … Continue reading

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Remember remember

Remember remember the 5th of November Incompetent management-think Plan2020 is running on empty KU has started to sink

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SMT brainstorming meeting

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