Introducing The KINGSTONS

Introducing THE KINGSTONS, an exciting new band based at Coolhurst, playing their brand new single, Ronnie. It’s gonna be a smash hit. They’ll be humming it along the corridors of the Business School.

The Kingstons are:

Scratching and purloining — Prof Phil S Tine
Vocals and costumes — Billy Booker
Spanish guitar — VEP Figas
Bass guitar — Sit Vacant
Drums — Red Dundant
Engineers — Wal and Terry Sevrance

Ronnie – words and music nicked by Prof Phil

What they’re saying about The Kingstons:

We is wicked – Prof Phil S Tine
Serious shit man – Ronnie T
I like Taylor Swift myself – Stevon

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5 Responses to Introducing The KINGSTONS

  1. Another Fine Mess says:

    Go, Ronnie, go!

  2. not waving says:

    Are you the dance band on the Titanic, or are you going to help us clear some of the SMT losers out before we all sink under their captaincy?

  3. Moana Norris says:

    So this is what you academics are doing when buying out your teaching. You go into the studio and make hit records like this one. It’s got christmas number 1 written all over it.

  4. Pam Ackers says:

    FINALLY, some humour back in this blog. It had gone a bit stale…

    • Prof Phil S Tine says:

      For real. Dat’s what I’s keep telling them dudes. All dis abaht staff sackins and shit is well borin. Jus chill to me cool sounds wot me nicked off some geeza dahn the booza.

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