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Plan 2019

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Lost in Music

Does the SMT think itself omniscient? In Plan20-things-to-do-before-you’re-sacked, our mismanagement opines on the music provision at Kingston, although none of its members are music specialists. According to them, KU has been duplicating the work of the conservatoires. Really? The purpose … Continue reading

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Why Kingston will never be a top research university

Under Clueless Julius, Kingston got ideas above its station. Not content with undermining the University’s core strength, which is to offer higher education to those otherwise excluded — the students who miss the HE boat through policies like the Tory’s … Continue reading

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KU Sports University

Kingston is to undergo a branding exercise with some attendant changes to the business model and workforce. Following the underperformance of many departments offering dated courses unsuited to our dynamic economy, all are to be closed. A new Warehouse Faculty … Continue reading

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